How We Are Different [Benefits]

Compensation Transparency

We believe in complete transparency, and regularly provide clients with details of our compensation structures, whether commission- or fee-based.

Associate Ownership

Parker, Smith & Feek is associate owned. Ultimately, owners think differently about the services they deliver and can commit to long-term relationships with clients, rather than the whims of outside stockholders.


Parker, Smith & Feek is organized into industry Practice Groups, enabling us to specialize and build targeted expertise for our clients’ unique risk profiles.


Parker, Smith & Feek leverages strategic partnerships, including with IMA and the Assurex Global network, to create tremendous value for our clients, no matter how unique the need.

Specialized Skills and Experience

  • Local knowledge and expertise
  • Creative benefit design
  • Market leverage
  • Active participation in local and national legislative issues

Client Education

We invest heavily in our client education resources to provide learning opportunities on a wide variety of topics to increase our clients’ understanding of their insurance programs.